Nikki's Violin Lessons - Music instruction with purpose.
Summer Schedule:
See Summer Schedule Page for availability. Starts June 14
Thursdays 7am-8pm All day.
Will add Wednesdays after Thursday fills up and so on..

School Year Schedule Starts August 21

My Current Fall Openings:
Tuesday   7pm
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm
Thursday  Filled
Friday Filled
Saturday Filled

The 3:30-4pm weekly time spot is perfect for preschool-kindergarten new students.

New students preschool/kindergarten $60 a month 30 min lesson once a week.

Schedule your lesson today by call or text. 

My private violin lessons are geared toward the young student of the violin. I am accepting students ages 5 and up.  I have a child friendly program.  

I am able to work with a younger child. Usually children starting at 4-5 years old.   I like to nickname them Symphony Babies. I use a color coded method to help them understand the music. I would like for the child to have an attention span of 5 minutes at a time, and would like them to know the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G. If they can sing their alphabet then this is a great start. I have instructional videos  online to help the parent and child at home during practice time.

I prefer Franz Hoffman Prelude Violins for my students. Check out for these violins.  I will custom size your child for their violin. Violins come in many different sizes. Last time I checked SharMusic has a rental program $16.99 a month for a prelude/standard violin. :)

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